P&G April Fools Joke Gone Wrong

April 4, 2013     / / / / / / / / / / /

Consumer product giant Procter & Gamble thought they would lighten things up for April Fools with their Scope mouthwash product…offering a new, and obviously delicious BACON flavored mouthwash.

The “campaign” began March 28th…and here are some pics from their Facebook, billboard and youtube:

Facebook Image

Facebook Image

Facebook Image

Facebook Image

Bacon Mouthwash Billboard


Now, it seems to me that anyone with a good sense of humor would realize that this is absolutely ridiculous.  But the sue happy, consumer driven world we currently live in obviously says otherwise.  Some harsh criticism has come their way….saying that this is “false advertising” and a “lie” among other things.  Some consumers have even claimed to have stopped using their product due to this innocent joke.  Here’s some of the responses from Facebook:

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 1

What do we think? Does P&G have a good sense of humor, or is this a marketing “joke” gone all wrong?