Miami’s New Marlins Stadium

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Baseball season is nearly over, with the last regular season game October 3rd. But we’ve been enjoying the new Marlins stadium ALL summer long! I mean what’s not to like?

First let’s talk about the two 450 gallon fish tanks behind home plate?  How cool is that?

Marlins Stadium Aquariums!

Next let’s talk about the retractable roof.  We all love living in Miami, however the occasional torrential down pours can definitely spoil the fun!  Way to be prepared Marlins!!

Marlins Stadium Retractable Room – 1 of the 6 in MLB

Marlin’s park now has a nightclub.  Say what?  Yes, there is a club in the stadium where you can sit in the pool and watch the game.  No, you are not dreaming.  This sounds like the perfect venue for a fair weather fan, such as myself…and THE place to see and be seen at Marlins Stadium. Marlins stadium has partnered with Clevelander and serves amazing food, beverages and entertainment. Take ME out to the ballgame!!

Marlins Stadium Clevelander Party!


Finally, the green initiatives are pretty impressive!

The Marlins are committed to promoting a sustainable environment and have implemented many green initiatives into the design and operation of Marlins Park.

Sports Lighting: The Green Generation Lighting® developed by Musco will enhance the playing of Americas favorite pastime while cutting energy costs and minimally impacting the environment. All lamps were aimed digitally within 0.15 degree of accuracy, maximizing the quantity and quality of the lighting while satisfying today’s high definition broadcasting needs.

Energy Efficient Design: Marlins Park has implemented energy efficient design strategies that are projected to reduce our energy usage by more than 20% over the current Florida Building Code requirements.

Cool Roof: While the roof of Marlins Park looks cool, it is also considered a Cool Roof. The white reflective roofing material installed at Marlins Park was selected to minimize heat gain within the facility, lowering the demand for air conditioning.

Recycling: Together with Waste Management, the Marlins have developed a comprehensive recycling program for Marlins Park. Recycling containers are located throughout Marlins Park concourses as well as the West and East Plazas for the convenience of our Guests and to allow everyone to be responsible stewards of our environment. To enhance our recycling program, our food concessionaire, Levy Restaurants, Inc. has selected concession packaging and cutlery that are recyclable or composed of recycled materials.

Reduced Water Usage: Marlins Park’s low flow water closets, restroom faucets, shower heads and waterless urinals are projected to reduce overall water use for the facility by approximately 50%.

Regional Materials:More than half of the total materials used in the construction of Marlins Park were sourced, manufactured, or fabricated from within 500 miles of the ballpark site, thus limiting the overall carbon footprint of the project.

Recycled Content:Nearly 50% of the total materials used in the ballpark construction have a high-recycled content, in order to reduce the impact on our environment.


We’re super excited for the new Marlins Stadium.  Hopefully this is just the start of smart, well designed, well thought out items for Miami!